An Amazing Career

An Amazing Career

Its hard to believe its coming to a close. Jamie Collins has the skill set to become a highly rated NFL prospect and go on to do great things at the next level. Collins took time after practice to reflect on his time at Southern Miss, talk about his final home game this Saturday, and talk about what lies ahead for one of the most talented defensive linemen Southern Miss has ever seen.

Jamie Collins is a special player. In fact, he may be one of the most special players to come out of Southern Miss. Words like "freakish" have been used to speak of his athletic ability.

Like Lampley, he's spent the past four seasons wowing fans and making jaw dropping plays that make people do a double take. The guy is simply unique in every way.

Collins talked a little bit about how practice has gone this week, and what lies ahead for the Golden Eagles against UTEP this weekend.

"Practice has gone pretty good this week," he said.

"Everybody is just trying to keep their head up and make the best of it."

"It's really the same stuff as usual. They run a power scheme just like SMU. We just have to relapse and do some of the other stuff we've done, and just make it count this time."

The Southern Miss defensive llneman talked about what the final home game will be like for him this weekend, and how he will handle the emotional aspect of the game.

"It's definitely going to be sad, but that's just part of life," Collins said.

"You go through a lot of different phases in life, and we just have to fight through the emotion and make the best of it."

Collins summed up his time at Southern Miss in a simple, yet elegant way. "It was fun," Collins said.

"I can't say much bad about it. You're never promised tomorrow, so I've just been living life to the fullest since I've been here."

For most seniors on the Southern Miss squad, these next two games may very well be the last two they ever play. For Collins though, it is likely just the beginning of a journey to the NFL.

"I've thought about it some, because it does sort of affect my play," Collins said.

"I haven't thought about it too much, because I've still got a season to look forward to. I've still got two more games and I'll think about it a little more after these two games."

Although it will be a sad day for Southern Miss fans on Saturday to see Collins walk through the tunnel at The Rock for the last time, it should be a happy moment as well.

Southern Miss fans should find happiness in knowing that they will be able to follow Collins on a journey that will be a dream come true for any player.

Similar to some of the other players who have gone on from Southern Miss and found success at the next level, Collins could be a point of pride for Southern Miss for years to come. Recommended Stories

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